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"After months of interviewing outfitters for an Argentine high volume dove hunting trip I chose Southern Outfitting Company..."

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Argentina Dorado Fishing

Golden DoradoEl Retiro Hunting Lodge ContactSome of the countries strongest populations are found throughout the Argentine and Uruguay River systems. Adult Dorado ranges in size from 4 to 20 pounds with an occasional fish being caught in the 40 pound plus range. These aggressive fish have a voracious appetite and eat nearly everything including fish, frogs and believe it or not birds that are unlucky enough to fall prey to them.

South America's Golden Dorado are rare trophies and few Americans have caught one and many have never even heard of the species. They are distant cousins of salmon and share many traits with large salmon and trout. Their Dorado Fishinglegendary reputation as a fantastic game fish is well deserved-they punish lures and flies, instantly make multiple acrobatic leaps like a tarpon and make finger-burning runs. On an average day, an angler might hook ten to fifteen fish and any fish hooked over five pounds will provide an exciting fight.

Southern Outfitting offers Dorado fishing trips in 2 primary locations, those being Salta Argentina and Rio Negro Uruguay.

In Salta the best time to fish is October through April. There are 2 main fishing areas that are fished, which are the Del Valle River and the Juramento River. In the Del Valle River you will wade into the temperate mountain waters in search of the elusive Dorado. This area presents the most difficult challenge, but the rewards are well worth it, as the Dorado in this river run between 4 and 6 pounds. Fishing in the Del Valle is recommended only for the more Southern Outfitting Dorado fishing tripexperienced fly fisherman. The Juramento is wider and deeper, and the fishing is done in a boat or on the river banks. It is easy to use both spinning rigs and fly rods in the Juramento, and because the Dorado are very plentiful in this river your chance of Dorado Fishing in South Americasuccess is high. The Dorado in this area run generally between 12-15 pounds, and if you are lucky you may catch one of the 40 pound monsters that are known to frequent this river.

In Rio Negro Uruguay fishing is year round with the best fishing in September through May. Fly fishing is done from the shallows of the Rio Negro and its tributaries while spin/bait casting is done by boat in the turbulent, deeper and wider areas of the Black River. Fly fishing is recommended only for the most experienced anglers, while the less experienced anglers will have great chance for success by boat casting large plugs into the fast flowing rapids.


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