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La Macarena Lodge
Cordoba, Argentina

- Millions of doves
- Great accommodations
- Multiple hunts per day
- Dorado Fishing - FREE

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"After months of interviewing outfitters for an Argentine high volume dove hunting trip I chose Southern Outfitting Company..."

K. Klaas
Waxhaw NC

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El Retiro Hunting Lodge ContactI don’t even know where to begin; I am still at loss for words.  Our group just recently returned from Argentina where we both duck and dove hunted.  I first contacted Rick after making a search engine search for Argentina Duck Hunting.  After talking with Rick the first time, I knew I had a straight shooter on the line.  Rick made the setup of the trip as easy as it could be, kept in contact as to how the hunting season was going with contacts in South America and he was right on the money with his reports.  Any questions or reservations we had, Rick answered quickly and put us at ease with the exacts on what to expect.  The outfitter was first class, the hunting was as good as it gets beyond your imagination, the accommodations were excellent, the people were friendly, the food was hands down the best I have ever eaten in one week and the trip was definitely “once of a lifetime.”  Any reservations we had with Rick, being that it was our first trip with Southern Outfitting or to Argentina have been completely confirmed with his honesty and hard work.  Before we had gotten off the plane, we were already discussing our return trip within the next year or two with Southern Outfitting, it was that good.  I never knew 4 days of hunting could leave such an imprint in my mind and will be extremely hard to soon forget.  Thanks for everything Rick and God Bless.

A. Belk
Mooresville, NC


I’ll take a few moments to gush! Wow…what a trip!! My son and I were very pleased with the effort that you put in to make our stay at San Cirilo enjoyable. We arrived in the afternoon of Monday, December 5 and were shown our living quarters. The word spacious often came to mind.

Tuesday was our first introduction to the millions of doves flying to and from the roost. Nacho did a good job of getting us set up and ready to go. We were itching to get started and it wasn’t long till I had downed the first bird with the first shot. Good omen, I thought. We spent the forenoon blasting away. We did not keep count of the doves dropped; we were only intent on enjoying the experience. All too soon it was time to head back for lunch. Oscar had a good meal prepared for us. After siesta time it was back to shoot more birds in the afternoon. I had requested that he put in the improved cylinder chokes into our guns as the birds were close enough that modified seemed to hinder rather than help our scoring average. After installing the ic into each gun barrel we were ready to see if it would make much of a difference. Again, on my first shot of the afternoon I scored. We shot for approximately 2 hours and then headed back to the “ranch”. The changing of chokes DEFINITELY made a difference. Eric and I were both having more kills than we had had in the morning. We again enjoyed a good meal and were soon ready to hit the hay.

Wednesday morning rolled around and it by the view from our windows, the morning looked clear and golden, a promise of another good day. After eggs and bacon we loaded up and headed out. Same field as before and the same story as before, more doves than we could believe. I told Eric, “This is Kentucky on steroids.” At one point we just laid our guns down and stood shoulder to shoulder observing the never ending flights of doves, coming and going. I got my watch out and had Eric count the number of doves that went over in a 60 second time period. He counted 240 and admitted that there were likely more than that. Time as well as lead flew and soon it was time to head “home” again. Asado and dessert hit the spot. Siesta did its magic rejuvenation and the 4th and final segment of our hunt was in front of us. The wind had picked up considerably for the afternoon hunt and we were a bit at a loss as to how to position ourselves but as we observed the flight patterns of the birds we soon deciphered that as the rode in on the wind, they were moving way too fast for consistent kills. But, as they came sailing in and spotted us they did one of two things, some went to our right, still tail in the wind and moving, but those that decided to go left, broke their speed and flared and turned sideways into the wind. This move on their part slowed them down considerably and that was the pattern we used for the afternoon session. Eric went 8 for 8 on the one stretch and 18 for 25 on his one box of shells. I would simply load my gun, shoot it empty and most times do 3 out of 4, sometimes 4 for 4. Then leisurely reload and do it again. The word unbelievable was said quite often.

We made memories that will go with us for a long time.

Thanks again for your part in making our stay a memory of a lifetime. We really had a great father-son experience.

P. Beachy
Ravenna OH

Thanks Southern Outfitting!  We had a fantastic time on our trip to La Macarena. Food was excellent, service was superb, and dove hunting was even better than expected. We’ll be back next year!

J. Toomey
Richmond VA

Thanks again Southern Outfitting. I recently returned from a dove hunting and dorado fishing trip to San Cirilo Lodge in Uruguay and had great week of food, fun and fellowship. I have worked with Rick many times over the years and booked several trips with his company. They have always done a fantastic job of making lodge recommendations, working with me to get the best deals, and arranging every detail of the trip including airfare.
 Rick is careful to explain the pros and cons of each lodge and location and is extremely helpful in providing the information needed to decide which lodge is right for me and my group.

 I have no reservations with recommending Southern Outfitting to anyone that is planning a hunting trip to South America as unlike other outfitters in the business, Rick never recommends a lodge he hasn’t been to himself and never recommends a lodge he doesn’t feel meets his high standards. This is a huge plus for me because I know if I go with Rick’s recommendations my hunting partners and I will have a hunt of a lifetime.

D. Drummond
Carolina Sporting Arms - Owner
Charlotte NC

I booked a Cordoba Dove hunting trip with Southern Outfitting and was not disappointed. As they had promised I saw more dove in an hour than I had seen in the US in my lifetime. This was my second trip to Argentina but my first time using Southern Outfitting. On a previous trip with another outfitter I was made promises that were not kept like short transfers to lodge, 15 minute drives to the fields, and special price on shells, this was not the case on my most recent trip as everything Southern Outfitting said was spot on. I am saving now for my next trip to Argentina, and will definitely book through Southern Outfitting.

B. Paxton
Mineral Springs NC

After months of interviewing outfitters for an Argentine high volume dove hunting trip I chose Southern Outfitting Company. Their price was competitive, but more importantly their attention to detail was meticulous. This was my first trip to Argentina and Rick explained every detail from the time I left my house to the time I arrived at the lodge and then back home. As my group organizer I was adamant about not letting my group down, and with Rick’s knowledge and experience he delivered a perfect hunting trip for me and my group. Other than a minor issue with bringing wine back to the United States (which was a TSA issue, not related to Southern Outfitting Company) the trip went without flaw. Rick even helped me arrange an extra day in the city Cordoba which I felt went above the call of duty. I would recommend Southern Outfitting to anyone!

K. Klaas
Waxhaw NC

I have recently returned from the “trip of a lifetime” as this is what Southern Outfitting Company promised. I normally shoot a 12 gauge, and I was strongly encouraged to take a 20 gauge. I can’t thank the guys at Southern Outfitting Company enough for the advice, and pulling off what I truly consider the trip of my lifetime. My only regret on this trip was not to wet my line in hopes of catching a South American Dorado. I hope to return to Argentina soon, and in the mean time I will recommend Southern Outfitting Company to all my friends.

K. Whitson
Greenback TN

My son and I booked a three day dove hunting trip for November 2008 in Salta at the Estancia Chacu. Even though we did not have the required minimum of four, Rick was able to get our trip booked when other booking agents refused to even try. We were very pleased with the ALL the arrangements Rick made for us which included all the transfers to and from the airports. The accommodations at Estancia Chacu were first class; the food was outstanding; the service was impeccable; all the staff and manger were personable and professional. The hunting was excellent. We had a very enjoyable time and would be happy to book another trip through Southern Outfitting Company which we hope to do.

M. Wetsel
Fort Worth TX



We had a blast! I'm sure you hear that a lot but it's true. It was an epic shoot. We thought that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime hunt but it wouldn't take much for us to go back again. The staff was great and we felt extremely accommodated. Thanks for your help in answering our questions and helping to arrange this trip. IT....WAS....FUN!!!



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